Emmitsburg Township

Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Audio Upgrade

About this project

After the video mixing system was upgraded, the Town of Emmitsburg requested SSP Custom Sound to address the antiquated and problematic audio system.

We designed a digital conferencing system powered by Audio Technica, and Rane Commercial. This provided the township with clean base stations for excellent audio quality, as well as every chairperson to have their own reference speaker.

This upgrade allows everyone in attendance to be heard via ceiling speakers, and all the commissioners to hear each other without resorting to yelling across the room.

This system also integrates a USB record feature that allows audio capturing of the meetings.

emmitsburg - audio - front view
emmitsburg - audio - room view 2
emmitsburg - audio - front table

Other Projects

Lighthouse Baptist Church

This project included an Audio and Video system for the Sanctuary space. Also A/V distribution for the rest of the facility. 

Slate Ridge Presbyterian

We upgraded an antiquated audio system with a modern, automated system, complete with wall controls.

First Baptist Church of Mahan

Partnering with Church Development Services, on a brand new facility and full AVL and Acoustics install.