Brooks UMC

Calvert County, Maryland.

About this project

We worked with Church Development Services LLC, as the design-build AVL contractor for the new church facility.

On this project we worked closely with the church worship committee to accomplish their goals, and meet their needs for design and installation. Even with a complex Audio, Video, and Lighting design, we were able to teach and instruct volunteers to operate each of the systems.

We also designed and installed a complete audio and video distribution system, so the Sanctuary cameras can be viewed in any of the 7 locations, including the fellowship-hall. A live stream system was set up from the designated video room for viewing anywhere in the world.

SSPCS installed all of the IT for the church, including wifi access points throughout the building. We topped it off with surveillance cameras covering the outside of the building and parking lots. We monitor the IT and surveillance remotely for the church, and do updates and maintenance for the system off site.

More Projects

Lighthouse Baptist Church

This project included an Audio and Video system for the Sanctuary space. Also A/V distribution for the rest of the facility. 

Slate Ridge Presbyterian

We upgraded an antiquated audio system with a modern, automated system, complete with wall controls.

Emmitsburg Township

We overhauled an aging video broadcast system. Computers were installed along with a Digital video mixer.