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From consultation to installation, and personnel training, SSPCS gets the job done with integrity, honesty, fair pricing…and we do it right the first time.

We appreciate all the work we have done with you in the past and know that you are client focused and God centered. Based on the other AVL bidders, SSPCS outshines by far. 
Centurion Construction

Just a handful of the projects we’ve completed recently, working with Churches, Schools, & Businesses, providing the very best in equipment, design, and installation to meet their needs & budget. 

Shiloh UCC, York, PA.


The upgraded audio system for Shiloh UCC needed care for aesthetics and attention to detail.

To accomplish this, QSC AD-S10T were deployed for blending into the design of the sanctuary. Also, AD-S6T speakers were utilized for the Choir/Stage Fills. This offers excellent coverage, and audio quality for the money. Ashly Audio Processing and Power Amplifiers were used to tune, and drive the speaker system. 

While addressing the audio, the church wanted to improve their service experience with video screens. The best choice was to deploy 86″ LCD screens for the congregation, as well as 43″ Confidence LCDs for the choir. This is quite often a wonderful solution for providing excellence picture quality, and contrast, without using expensive projection systems, or obtrusive video walls. This is tied together with Kramer push button control of the screens, as well as Kramer’s reliable HDBT video distribution system.



Zion UMC - Audio & Livestream


Zion UMC in East Prospect was in need of a complete audio, and livestream system.

We installed a Presonus series III mixing console, Rane Processor, and QSC Speakers. Sennheiser was the right choice on the wireless microphone system, with the setup housed in the Audio rack with Power Protection, and Sequencing.


Bethany UMC, York, PA.


This custom designed audio system utilized Presonus/Worx Audio W-12a point source speakers. One 12a for the main speaker, and an additional 12a for a delay speaker.

This setup provides them with great coverage, high output, and fit within their budget.

Ashly Audio amplifier provided the power for these set of speakers. The system is processed through a Rane processor. The Hal3s allows the church to setup the church in traditional band location, or run the band from the rear location which provides an additional worship space.



Emmitsburg Township - Audio Upgrade


After the video mixing system was upgraded, the Town of Emmitsburg requested SSP Custom Sound to address the antiquated and problematic audio system. We designed a digital conferencing system powered by Audio Technica, and Rane Commercial.


The Praise Center - Pentecostals of York, PA.



The Praise Center is one of the largest houses of worship in York County. It holds 900+ persons at full capacity in the sanctuary. When the Pentecostals of York came to us inquiring a new audio system, we knew they would require a powerful system in order to fill this space. We collaborated with PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. to design a Worx Audio Speaker System to accommodate the SPL, Room Dimensions, and Budget.

This system gives the Praise center extremely even coverage throughout the space, and plenty of headroom for larger events.


Springettsbury Park Amphitheater


This unique outdoor amphitheater has housed summer concert series for many years. The original PA system was unusable for concert production, and the park had to rely on portable audio systems for live events.

SSP Custom Sound designed an audio system that would be permanent and be able to withstand the elements for years to come. This would include a center line array speaker and subwoofers. This provides exceptional fidelity, wide dispersion, and the power that is required throw energy 130ft to the edges of the space. No matter where you sit, you can clearly hear a full range sound.


Bridgeway Community Church


SSP Custom Sound worked with church personnel to put together a new audio system that met their budget and needs for Sunday services and other church functions.

Featured Equipment Installed:

  •  4 box Presonus Commercial CDL Line Array.
  •  2 18″ Sub Woofers, and 2 10″ Full Range Side Fills.
  • Presonus Series 3, 32 Channel Digital Console
  • System Rack, Including a Series 3 Mixer
  • Sennheiser Wireless Microphones
  • Shure In-Ear Monitors

We worked with church sound personnel and the worship team to faciliate training of all equipment, ensuring all users were comfortable with operating their new system.


First Baptist Church of Mahan

Partnering with Church Development Services, on a brand new facility and full AVL install

Brooks UMC

We worked closely with the church worship committee to design a complex Audio, Video, & Lighting Setup.

Journey Church

We worked with the church team on an audio/video updgrade along with their full building renovation.

Otterbein UMC - "The OC"

installed a full audio and video system for the church, ifor use in the sanctuary, classrooms, and offices

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Partnering with Church Development Services. This project included an Audio and Video system for the Sanctuary.

Victory Grace Center

Located in Washington DC. We designed, set-up, and configured an audio system that needed to be portable. 

Crispus Attucks

SSP Custom Sound worked with the organization to upgrade the Audio system in their gymnasium, for their plays and performances.

Slate Ridge Presbyterian

Located in Washington DC. We designed, set-up, and configured an audio system that needed to be portable. 

Hopewell Presbyterian

Working with the church board and tech team, we put together a system that meets their needs as a small church.

First Congregational Church

Working with the church A/V committee, we installed the audio and video system in the Sanctuary, as well as the fellowship hall.

Emmitsburg Township

SSPCS was contracted to overhaul an aging video broadcast system, including new computers and a Digital video mixer

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