The Praise Center


The Pentecostals of York, PA.

About this project

The Praise Center is one of the largest houses of worship in York County. It holds 900+ persons at full capacity in the sanctuary. When the Pentecostals of York came to us inquiring a new audio system, we knew they would require a powerful system in order to fill this space. We collaborated with PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. to design a Worx Audio Speaker System to accommodate the SPL, Room Dimensions, and Budget.

This system gives the Praise center extremely even coverage throughout the space, and plenty of headroom for larger events.

Featured AVL Equipment:

  • Worx Audio X5-P – 160̊ Horizontal by 40̊ Vertical Coverage Powered Line array
  • Worx Audio X118i 18″ High SPL Output Subwoofer (Flown above X5-P)
  • Worx Audio 12a Side fills – 12” Woofer 75 High Efficiency Speaker
  • Worx Audio X2-P Delay – Powered 160̊ Horizontal by 30° Vertical Line Array
  • Ashly Digital System Processor
  • PreSonus 64 Channel Series III Mixer
  • Sennheiser Wireless Microphones
  • Sennheiser Wireless In Ear Monitoring

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